This website is my attempt to document my trips and treks. I do this in the hope that others who enjoy traveling alone will find it useful. Most of the entries in this blog will pertain to trekking with maps, GPS trails and guidelines based on my experience. I’ve written down information here which I wish had been available to me when I planned my trips.

Use the Ramblr link on each page. This is easily usable documentation of the route with photos at different points in the trails.

Please trek responsibly. Bring your garbage back with you to the city. Do NOT throw plastic bottles, food packaging and candy wrappers on the trail. These are a threat to the local fauna and become an eyesore in the otherwise pristine wilderness.

The mandatory disclaimer: All information presented in this website are only guidelines that must be applied using a healthy amount of common sense. Please exercise caution in using it. The author is not responsible for any unfortunate incidents that may befall you as a consequence of using this website.

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